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Ero Delay Spray

For all of these guys who are not satisfied with their sexual stamina, is there anything they can do to keep going, and going, and going before coming? There's no shortage of products on the market that promise to do this, with so-called "delay sprays" being among the most popular. These are products that aim to temporarily reduce penile sensitivity in order to increase the length of time it takes to reach orgasm.
In the last couple of years, delay sprays have taken off in a major way. In fact, they're now so popular that a quick search on Amazon alone yields nearly 300 hits. Among the more provocatively named sprays: "Do Me Long and Hard," "Stud 100," and "Fuck Forever."
The big question hanging over all of these products, though, is whether they actually deliver. Until recently, that's been hard to say, since almost none of them had been subject to scientific testing to see whether they live up to their bold claims (although European research
Mark and Kerner conducted a clinical trial of one specific delay spray, Promescent, a lidocaine-based product that's sprayed on the penis about 10 minutes before sex. Ninety-one men completed the trial, most of whom were heterosexual and aged 40 on average. They were instructed to start with three sprays (each of which contained about 10mg of lidocaine), but adjust to the desired level with usage.
Although all of this sounds really promising, there are a few important caveats. For one thing, only one delay spray was tested in this trial. As a result, we can not say how well the hundreds of other sprays on the market work-or whether they work at all. Not all of them have the same active ingredient as the one tested here, and even if you just look at other lidocaine-based products, you'll see differences in how concentrated they are.
Plus, although most guys responded positively to the spray used in this study, a sizeable minority (13 percent) said it negatively impacted sex. Unfortunately, the authors did not go into detail about what this amounted to, but this tells us that delay sprays are not for everyone. If you find that they do not work for you, or you just are not comfortable with the idea of desensitizing your penis in the first place, other self-help options include Kegel exercises
With all of that said, for guys who are distressed about their sexual stamina, this new research suggests that delay sprays may be worth considering. However, before taking the plunge, take a step back and recognize that, when it comes to sexual stamina, odds are that you're normal and that you probably should not feel inadequate.
It's also worth reexamining your reasons for wanting to last longer in bed. For instance, is it because you simply want to "measure up" to guys in porn? If so, you have a perception problem. Remember that porn sex is not real sex and, also, that if you set your expectations way too high, you'll never be satisfied. However, if you desire more stamina because, say, longer penetration helps your partner reach orgasm, then you've got a good reason to explore your options.